Rihanna Latest Cover Is Gorgeous But Surrounded By Controversy


I joked with one of my writers today that my website should just be called Rihanna.com because I think I feature her every single month without any level of shame. For probably the third or fourth time in the last two months Rihanna decided to share her photos slowly throughout the day ensuring that she kept our attention on her feed for a solid 8 hours.

This time she is the cover girl for Harper’s BAZAAR China’s August issue and her pictures are fly AF:

Before I share the rest of the pics I must address the elephant in the room because this cover is surrounded by controversy. First of all in the above caption, that whole statement is problematic.

When was Rihanna ever a ‘nobody”?

Someone should fix that! And secondly Rihanna is also being accused of cultural appropriation obviously because of all of the traditional Asian clothing and accessories she is being photographed in:

I think the point of the shoot was for her to actually look traditionally Asian but of course the trolls are not having it, at least not today!


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One Twitter user said:

Then there was this tweet:

According to Refinery29:
The shoot is the brainchild of the Vogue China team, and there’s nothing denigrating about any of the looks she’s wearing. They’re modern renditions of imperial looks, created with the utmost respect.

Respect makes all the difference. Cultural appropriation, by definition, is the unacknowledged or inappropriate adoption of elements from another’s culture; it’s an act defined by a lack of respect for other people’s customs, practices, and traditions.

It’s disrespectful to take the Japanese word Kimono, give it a new definition, and then try to make money off of it. Same with co-opting the Black Lives Matter movement to sell soda (Remember that Pepsi commercial with whats her face Jenner?).

Rihanna, by contrast, is paying homage to Chinese culture — in a Chinese magazine wearing outfits styled by Chinese editors.

As one Twitter user put it: “Rihanna did it for Harper’s Bazaar China. She gave credit to the Chinese team who worked with her. They gave Rihanna permission therefore it’s not cultural appropriation

Curious to hear your thoughts on the cover, is it cultural appropriation? Or just a bunch of noise? Comment below!

Ok now for the final cover I saw today! Click here


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