Rihanna’s Simple 10-Minute Going-Out Makeup Routine With Vogue

Rihanna 10 minute beauty routine

Rihanna recently shared her makeup routine on Vogue’s Youtube Channel and it was so cute it’s still trending on Youtube right now. She gave a few pointers using her own makeup line of course and from what I can tell, here are her top 5 tips!

Via Vogue:

1. Contour your face for ‘your’ face!

Confession! I have never contoured anything in my life but I love the tips beauty gurus share about it. Rihanna mentioned that she has a huge forehead so she likes to go in with the contour in that area. She also likes to contour her nose and towards the hairline.

“I learned how to contour when I gained weight, believe it or not,” she proclaims as she buffs Fenty’s Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation over her entire face and sculpts her cheeks, nose, and jawline with one of the Match Stix Matte Skinsticks in Mocha. “That’s when it comes in reeeeal handy, believe it or not. Them fat days [when] cheeks looking like baby cheeks.”

2. Concealer is everything

She warms her concealer up on her hands and then uses it right under the eye area. She says its the cure for everything including bad decisions! I must agree!

Everybody knows concealer is made for hiding bags, and dark circles, and hangovers, and bad decisions,”

3. Practice on your own face

Best way to get really good at doing makeup is to do it on yourself! Practice makes perfect! – “I have been watching women do makeup since my mom and [then] I started working in an industry where [it] was going to be a part of my every day basically, so I picked up a lot of tips,” she explains, adding that even when she’s getting her makeup done, there are certain facial features she’ll always do herself. “I’m super, super caught up about my brows and my nose contour.”

4. Smile!

The best way to figure out where to add your blush is to simply .. Smile! The point where your cheeks rise is where you add your blush.

5. Do not be afraid to highlight

Another confession? – I am scared af!. Rihanna however, says you should not be afraid of highlight, she suggests layering different colors as long as they ‘go together”. She also says you can highlight other areas of the face, not just the cheekbone.

If you want more tips, Watch the video for yourself below:



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