The Secret To Gabrielle Union’s Ageless Clear Skin Is Camellia Oil


Ever wonder what Gabrielle Union’s secret to ageless skin is? Well she kind of gave it away in a snap chat video with hubby Dwayne Wade.

The both of them were in bed and he made mention of her greasy face:
gabriel union

Alot of people thought it was just an after glow *wink*, but it was actually oil. Gabriel Union has oily skin and she fights it using oils, weird but it works!

If you do a little digging Gabriel also alluded to her night time ritual in an interview with Elle Magazine. This is what she said:

You’re such a beauty icon. Everyone’s always saying, ‘Gabrielle Union does not age.’ What is your daily beauty routine?

I mean, it’s part genetics. And it’s a blessing and a curse to have oily skin, but I’m starting to believe it’s like embalming fluid that’s sort of keeping me youthful looking.

I also thought you shouldn’t treat oil with oil, but I started using this oil. I was lucky enough to work with Julie Hewett, who’s a makeup artist who also has her own skin-care line.

And she gave me her face oil [Camellia Oil, $24 for 1 oz.]. I thought, This just feels redundant, why would I put oil on top of oil? It’s really transformed my skin.

I started using it this summer when we were filming Sleepless Nights in Atlanta, and I swear by it. I’ve told everybody about it. I’m not a paid spokesperson, but this oil is a godsend. It’s amazing. And it’s just a couple drops, and I’ve used it on my neck or my face. I don’t want to call it a wonder product, but for lack of a better word, it’s a wonder product.

Well there you have it!



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