Sephora Launches “It’s A Curly Thing” Campaign for Curly-Haired Customers


For the longest time, women with naturally curly hair have been forced to mask their curls with straighteners and hot irons. But now, the world is starting to accept that curly, natural hair is also beautiful.

Thanks to that, top brands and retailer are starting to pay attention. Sephora, especially, is taking the forefront when it comes to making products that specially cater to this market.

They have launched a campaign, called “It’s A Curly Thing”, that is meant to help women with every type of curly hair find the products that work best for them. From dense, coily hair to luscious waves, they have something for everyone.

The campaign will last from now until mid-June. They have launched a section on their website where you can choose your hair type, between tightly coiled (4A, 4B and 4C), coily (3C and 4A), curly (3A and 3B) and wavy (2A, 2B and 2C).

After you select your hair type, the website will give you personalized and curated product recommendations. These range from hair masks and treatments to detanglers, cleansers, shampoos, conditioners, hair oils and stylers.

From selected brands: @myDevaCurl, @MadamCJWalkerBeauty, @BumbleandBumble, and @Brioge

According to Jessica Phillips Perez, the retailer’s director of hair merchandising, each curl is unique, meaning that women with curly hair are forced to constantly search for the regimen and products that are right for them. Sephora wanted to shorten this process by working with the best brands to give clients the latest innovations.

In addition to the product recommendations, Sephora also provides step-by-step videos from natural curl experts like NaturalMe4C, Naptural85 and SunKissAlba, who all use a number of the recommended products.

This is way better than sifting through thousands of YouTube videos to find what you want as the experts show you everything from a perfect fail-free twist-out to the LOC method.

“It’s A Curly Thing” is an essential campaign as it seeks to help women who have been looked down on for their hair.

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