The Shades Beauty Photo Series Explores Ying And Yang Of The Black Woman And Its Beautiful


There has been a huge push amongst creatives to change the stereotypes that we have placed on the heads of black women.

We all know the typical ones, we are always “Angry” or constantly having an “attitude” all negative and none true. These days with the onset of social media we are able to see all sides of the black women in ways that we have never seen before.

We are no longer labeled with just two emotions, but we are seen as artistic, talented, sexy, strong and most of all human!

Creative Director and model Cyrene Renee did two outstanding photo shoots recently which have been featured on a number of sites including BuzzFeed because the pictures are so amazing.

I caught up with Cyrene and asked her if we could share the photos as well as hear first-hand what her inspiration was.

In the first photo series “Shades Of Beauty I”, the women are all dressed in black, skin glowing and hair in all their natural glory. Cyrene said these photos represented strength, power with a healthy dose of sexy and confidence.

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Then there was this set of photos for “Shades of Beauty II Goddess”:
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Taken in an art gallery where the women looked like beautiful pieces of art. The shoot represented our soft sultry side but still strong with the women dressed in white “flowy” dresses, natural hair adorned with flowers. What is amazing about this shoot is even though both represented

What is amazing about this shoot is that even though both represented opposite sides of our personality there were some clear overlaps. The women looked strong, sexy and confident in both scenarios which proves that we should never put black women in small negative boxes, we crush them every time!

The gorgeous models in the project are Catherine Miller, Janae Miller,  Marvett Nelson,  Allison Contee,  Tausha Marshall, Grace Appiah, Lashira Moné and Cyrene Renee.

In Shades of Beauty I, photos were taken by Jesse Caris  of Caris Photography and Makeup done by Amber Terrell  of Elegant Colour Created.

In Shades of Beauty II Goddess Creative Director Cyrene Renee, Photographer Julian Juss Skinner of Juss Media, Makeup  done by Tanesha Latrese of Beauty by Tanesha  and Brittany Herbert.

I think Cyrene nailed it, what do you think? Comment below


  1. These are amazing photos, yes these ladies not only show beauty but they show confidence and strength. Cyrene Renee did a magnificent job.

  2. Simply Beautiful! Simply incredible! Just how beautiful is your black skin? Great job ladies. Keep it up. Looks damn good on you.


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