Shani Crowe Did Solange’s Braidup For Her SNL Performance Last Night


I knew there was no way I was going to miss SNL last night because it would be the first time we would get to see Solange perform live after debuting her awesome album “A Seat A The Table”.

The visuals for the performance were so well thought out, she looked like a sun goddess as one of my friend’s poignantly noticed. She used beading and braids to create a visual Solo style.  Her foundation braid up was done by braid artist Shani Crowe I have featured before here –> in this post.

How gorgeous was the final look?


Shani said it took 40 hours for the entire look:


Man oh man. Love is real and this is proof. It’s been a pleasure to work with someone with such magic and integrity. Not to mention the whole team of outstanding artists, musicians, and all around good people. 40+ hours of beading and braiding well spent. I have so many feelings! Infinite Gratitude for such Divine synergy! #cranes #SNL @saintrecords


If you missed Solange’s performances last night check out both performances below.

Don’t touch my hair:


Of course Beyonce and Tina was their to support Solange, goofing off back stage!

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great night!


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