‘She Fried My Hair’: Woman Loses Her Hair at Visit to Unlicensed Maryland Salon

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A Maryland woman made the news after going to a Dominican salon and literally losing her hair!

Read below from NBC Washington:

After a year of natural hair, a Maryland woman was ready for a new look.

She went to a salon in Waldorf that she had never tried — a salon that appears to be operated by a stylist without a proper Maryland licence.

Christina Code told the stylist she wanted her hair to look like a photo she brought, showing a woman with blonde highlights at the ends of her hair.

The trip to the salon turned terribly wrong — huge, damaged chunks of Code’s hair fell out.

“She fried my hair!” Code told News4, picking up long strands of the hair that she had wrapped in foil.

Code went to Aleyda Organic Dominican Hair Salon and everything went well at first. But then she was in pain.

“My scalp was getting hot. So then she took me out, and she started washing my hair. And when she started washing my hair, then I could hear her mumbling things that frightened me. And I jumped up and I saw all of this,” she said, picking up long clumps of her hair.

The owner of the salon, Aleyda Almonte, said the problem was that Code already had color in her hair.

“When a person is coming for first time, you really never know what kind of products, what kind of process this person [did] before,” she said.

News4 found a larger issue: the owner of the salon is not licensed to operate the salon or do hair, according to the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation.

Watch below:

This is wrong on so many levels. What do you all think? Comment below!


  1. First things first, get a license. Second a hair stylist/salon should be able to tell if one’s hair has been processed with some sort of chemicals. Clearly I “could” tell that her hair has did some sort of chemical/process in it and I’m not a stylist. A good hair stylist will take the time to ask whenever in doubt. However every stylist should be into hair care as while and not just keeping up with today’s hair styles. My stylist is always giving me tips on proper haircare, the do’s and don’t.


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