Shea Moisture Is Talking About Beauty Aisle Segregation In Their New Commercial #Breakthewalls


Have you ever wondered why all the great ‘black’ products are in a small section at the grocery store? Or why our trusted brands have their own separate aisle affectionately known as the “ethnic aisle”?

Well let’s just say the segregation is very real even in the beauty industry and one company wants to start a very real conversation about it. Shea Moisture released their very first commercial using a few natural hair gurus that we all know and love (ah hem, @naptural85, @mahoganycurls, @sunkissalma — I see you boos!).

beauty gurus

The commercial really speaks to the truth about the beauty industry as it relates to women and men of color who feel as if they are different from the men and women who might choose brands like Tresseme, Paul Mitchel or V05, found on bigger aisles in the store.

#Breakthewalls wants to merge the products in the beauty section which would mean we would have access to all beauty products in the same place without “ethnic labels”.

I know for me personally this would be awesome because I do not just use ‘ethnic products’ In addition to that what makes a product ethnic anyway? The ingredients?

How is the decision about where a product should go in the beauty section happen? Are executives looking at the products and deciding well this product was created by a black person so it should be labeled ethnic and placed in the smallest section you can find?

There are other ethnicities who, if you ask me could benefit from a little shea butter or an exotic oil or two. I am all for #breakthewalls, seems as if the racist current in the beauty aisle has ran its course and should be exposed.

The commercial will air tomorrow on television but for now, they have released a behind the scenes preview of it on YouTube which you can watch below:


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