Shook! Beyonce And JayZ Drop A Joint Album Called ‘Everything Is Love’

Everything is love

I thought ya’ll said Bey wasn’t dopping an Album? ..Beyonce and JayZ have the internet shook right now as they recently announced a new joint Album live in London called Everything is Love. The project was in the works for awhile but was not released due to the popularity of her Lemonade album. (Read more below)

Watch below:

The album is now on Tidal and according to Pitchfork “it features Migos and Pharrell. Bey and Jay also released a new music video for their track “APESH*T” and an additional single “SALUD!” that doesn’t appear on the project. Find those below as well. Ricky Saiz directed the visual, which is set in the Louvre and features the couple posing among the art.”

Rumors have long swirled, but they escalated in March when the couple announced their joint tour, OTR II. Last November, JAY also told The New York Times that a project with Bey started coming together as they worked on 4:44 and Lemonade. “We were using our art almost like a therapy session,” he said at the time. “And we started making music together.” He explained that, because Bey’s music was progressing more quickly, Lemonade ended up coming out “as opposed to the joint album that [they] were working on.”

watch ApeSh*t Below:

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