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As we get deeper into the holiday season, deciding what gifts to give to our loved ones becomes a bit stressful because we all hope to give them something that they truly want, need, or enjoy—and if they’re really lucky, all of the above.

This year’s holiday guide for EmilyCottonTop wasn’t just a random list of products that are trendy for this year and forgotten the next. Instead, it was created through a shared effort by EmilyCottonTop and all of the wonderful entrepreneurs and small business owners within our community.

Tis the season of giving! And not only are we giving presents to the special people in our lives, but we are also giving support and patronage to the many creative minds in our community. Looking for a great gift? Here are 8 great products to consider.

Get Leighed Cosmetics Detangling Brush

Fingers, combs, and an array of special brushes are the usual tools when detangling our hair. But no matter how great of a job you think you’re doing getting out all the knots and tangles right now, you definitely haven’t done you’re best until you’ve tried the detangling brush by Get Leighed Cosmetics.

Suitable for the straightest of straight hair to the kinkiest of coils, this brush was designed to work with large sections of hair in order to cut detangling time in half. The flexible and separated bristles make for a gentle detangling and even reduce the amount of shedding you get in the process—making this a must-have beauty buy for the holidays.

TruffLove Dessert Truffles

The holidays are like a little slice of heaven for those of us with an insatiable sweet tooth simply because there’s a seemingly endless supply of cookies, cakes, and candies wherever we go. Sure, the go-to candy cane or tree-shaped sugar cookie are great seasonal treats, but they’re not exactly gift-worthy goods. If you’re looking for something delicious and decadent to give the foodies in your life, try TruffLove’s dessert truffles!

With both traditional and custom flavors like confetti, sugar cookie, dark chocolate bourbon, and many others, you absolutely can’t go wrong with TruffLove. While the company is based in the DMV area, they ship all over the United States! Be sure to shoot them a DM on Facebook if you have a unique request.



Offering brands such as Taliah Waajid, Nappy Roots, Cantu, and The Mane Choice, BeYouBeautySupplyUnlimited is the one-stop-shop for all your hair and beauty needs.

This online beauty supply caters to both the stylist looking for high-quality products to better serve their clients, as well as the natural hair enthusiasts aiming to style, nourish, and grow their hair. With a diverse selection of everything from styling tools to skincare goods, BeYouBeautySupplyUnlimited has everything you need.

Don’t think one item is enough for a gift? Buy multiple items and craft your own gift set for the natural haired ladies, barbers, and hairstylists in your life.

Naturalista Tote Bag by For Colored Curls


For Colored Curls is an online gift shop that features items made with women like you in mind. They offer everything from hoodies and socks displaying women with curls and locs, to specialty coffee mugs and phone cases. For Colored Curls gives you quite a few gift choices, but the best of them all might just be the Naturalista Tote Bag!

The Naturalista Tote Bag is 100% spun Polyster fabric, is the standard 15″ x 15″, and can hold up to 44 lbs! It’s perfect for carrying around as a purse, grocery bag, and convenient handbag for work or school, which makes it an ideal stocking stuffer.


If you’re located in Iowa and looking to give an unforgettable personal beauty gift, then Monica Sanders of Braidinchick is your girl. As a licensed cosmetologist for 10 years, she knows what it takes to maintain and achieve healthy hair—especially when it comes to braids and extensions. Not only is Sanders passionate about her craft, but she has also mastered the underhand braiding technique that won’t cause scalp pain or irritation, cause tension, or break off hair.

Working with celebrities such as Taj from SWV and rapper Jessica Dime from Love & Hip Hop, Braidinchick is familiar with high-quality work and knows how to give the gift of a beautiful head of hair to each and every one of her clients.



Anything made with fur is always a cool gift idea because there are few fabrics and textiles that give the vibe of pure luxury and comfort like fur does. This holiday season, keep your loved ones warm and cozy by gifting them a pair of fur slides by the Furfits Boutique. These slides come in a few different fur colors like the sunrise yellow, sunset orange, and a cute mix of black and green aptly called “Kiwi.”

Want something more than just slides? Furfits also offers fur boots, comfy hats, personalized jewelry, and other accessories. Just contact them via their social media profiles for purchasing and shipping options, as well as any inquiries you may have.

Stargaze Diffuser

A good scented candle that smells like our favorite pie or fresh snow on a picturesque winter day is one of the small comforts to look forward to during the holidays. But what if I told you that you can still enjoy the scents of the season without replacing candle after candle all fall and winter? That’s right, it’s completely possible with the Stargaze Diffuser.

The Stargaze Diffuser is simple. All you have to do is add water along with 3-4 drops of your favorite natural essential oil (like pine, peppermint, or cinnamon), and then choose the settings for your lights, color, and mist.

The Cyrene Renee Book Series

Cozying up with a good book is a great way to distress during all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, and New York-based contemporary author and poet, Cyrene Renee, has the books you need to unwind and reconnect with yourself.

She’s written novels such as A Goddess Dreams and Call Me Queen to delve deeper into themes such as healing and personal realization; While intimate collections of poems like Indigo, Onyx, and Blush push you to see life, romance, history, personal journey, and existence into a new perspective.

Oh and guess what! She is having a sale!!! us the below code!:

Thank you all for your support and happy shopping!!!



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