Should Children Wear Wigs As A Protective Style? – Twitter Debates After Viral Video

Should Children Wear Wigs As A Protective Style? - Twitter Debates After Viral Video

Every so often the topic of children and protective styles will come up and cause somewhat of a controversy. Whether its braids, braids with color, or extravagant cornrows, the opinions are usually split.

This week it’s wigs, and it’s all due to a viral video of a hairstylist doing a wig style on a little girl.

The style itself can be considered child-appropriate, but it’s the wig that people seem to have a problem with.

This is the video:

Check out the Twitter reactions

Some were not too sure about the style:


One user thought it was a great idea:

Others still cant see it:




From where we sit, it’s always about the intention, in our opinion parents have to make the best decisions for their children, however in our opinion, if wigs are being used purely for aesthetics, we would not recommend it.

There are wigs that are being made for children who suffer from alopecia and in those cases, we think wigs are just fine.

What are your opinions? Should this video be the source of debate, or is it perfectly fine in your opinion? Comment below!

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