Should I Continue To Relax My Hair After Hair loss?

bald head

To some of you that might seem like a strange question, but I actually received it yesterday and decided it was best that I tackle it publicly because it could help someone else.

Hair loss is real for many of us especially when it is hereditary or caused from stress or something you could not help. For those women who relax on regular basis, even with hair loss, sometimes it does not naturally occur to them that relaxing is something that they can no longer do.

This is especially true if you are not losing your hair due to a bad relaxer burn or chemical damage. Here are four  things to consider when deciding what you should do after hair loss if you are relaxed.

1. Hair needs strength

This means that whatever you do to your hair from the moment your hair starts falling should be geared towards scalp health and hair health.

2. Relaxers are not healthy

Let’s be real, relaxers while they are a choice many of us make, are not healthy for our strands from a scientific perspective.

Relaxers erode the strand removing layers of the strand structure that cause it to curl in order to straighten it. The more layers you remove the weaker the hair is, this is all relative as no single head is the same, however weak hair is more prone to falling.

3. Maybe natural hair isn’t so bad

If you are struggling with the thought of natural hair I challenge you to give it a try as you recover from hair loss. It is the healthiest choice for your hair and scalp, plus you can always hit me up for help.

4. Healthy protective styling is a viable option

As you recover from hair loss you can always do some healthy protective styles, like crochet braids or wigs. These styles can help your transition to natural hair and as your hair grows you will get comfortable with wearing your own hair.



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