A Simple Wash Day Regimen For Women With Type 4 Hair


Wash day for type 4 hair does not have to be stressful! As a matter of fact, it could be one of the simplest things that you have to do in your weekly life once you let go of the anxiety.

The reason we focus on kinkier textures when we write about hair care is because it is the easiest texture to tangle, the easiest texture to break and that can make the whole experience unpleasant.

Simple and easy wash days are all about technique and strategy, here are my suggestions:

1. Section the hair

Sectioning makes things sooooo much easier regardless of your texture but for type 4 hair it is a must. Section your hair into 4-6 areas using clips to keep the section out of your way that you are not working with.

2. Detangle with your fingers and oil before shampooing

Using a little oil and your fingers remove all the shed hair from each section detangling as you go along. You can do a hot oil treatment at this point if that is your preference.

3. Shampoo and condition each section

By the time you get to this step your hair will be a little detangled so again working in sections shampoo and condition your hair. Use the shampoo on your scalp and use the conditioner on your hair! Use praying hands to distribute product, never ever ruffle your hair in circular motions, that just creates a tangled mess.

4. Add your deep conditioner to each section

Deep conditioning not only helps your hair retain moisture it also help with further detangling when it is time to style your hair. Deep condition your hair in sections under a heat source, either a steamer or cover with a plastic cap and sit under a dryer.

Deep conditioning can last up to 30 minutes but does not have to last for hours!

5. Rinse and twist

Rinse your deep conditioner out of each section, detangle some more and twist each section to keep them from retangling again.

6. The Loc method

I have written about the LOC method before and hands down if you want to maintain the moisture in your hair this is the method for you.

L – Liquid – Your best leave in should be added to the section of hair you are working with
O – Oil – Your favourite oil
C- Cream – Your holy grail cream moisturizer

Twist each section after doing the LOC method!

7. Style

You can leave your hair in twists and allow them to completely dry for a fabulous twist out or if you add perm rods to the ends to create an awesome curly fro.

Need an example? Watch this:

Featured image: @cravingyellow


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