Sisters Lara, Mara and Sheila Are The Epitome Of Black Diversity And Beauty


I came across these young ladies on Instagram and even though I cannot remember what even lead me to their page I knew I had to save their pictures and share as much of their story as I could.

Sisters Lara, Mara and Sheila represent the epitome of black diversity and beauty. Lara and Mara are beautiful albino twins and their older sister Sheila has beautiful dark skin representing a stunning contrast to her sisters.

They have been working as models and have been featured in a few publications including Bazaar-kids but they want more publicity because of how different they are. If you look at their pictures you will see what I mean:

lara mara 2

lara mara 44

lara mara sheila 2

Lara Mara Sheila

mara lara

Photo: @viniciusterranova
Models: @lara_mara_sheila #albinotwins
Contact: @suyane_ynaya

Lara Mara Sheila.JPG 2

lara mara


They speak Portuguese so I translated a lot of their captions which means the English version will not be perfect. On this caption they spoke a bit about their mom who I assume is a single mom, hardworking and very strong. They continue to describe her as their pride and mirror!

Every win a thank you for what happened! Thanks for the mother we have, solo mother, hardworking , strong woman, African arretada Rs and our pride and mirror. We know the daily dedication of her, the love she puts in every look of admiration and teachings . Thanks @suyane_ynaya aunt and uncle @viniciusterranova the help you are giving us. Thank God for providing us and choose us to show that the difference matters and that it is well accepted by all the eyes.
Thanks to all of Lara, Mara and Sheila❤️

Then they showed love to their fans:

We would love to thank all this affection we receive daily imagined can not achieve everything we are achieving and conquer all this love in so little time . Share our love between sisters and our love for all that is happening to us three is magical. We do not know how to repay all this, but we hope that our images and what ‘s ahead represents many people and we can thank the time with our work . Thank you and many kisses to all who follow us and wishing us good things come , you can not imagine how it makes us happy. THANK Lara , Mara and Sheila❤️

They have so many more pictures but unfortunately, I cannot share them all, check out these beauties here.


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