So Do Y’all Like The Style Factor Edge Booster Gel Or Not? I’m Confused!

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Style Factor, the brand, has been around for a very long time with a variety of ‘hold based” products including edge controls and most recently a gel. Y’all already know we love a great gel so the fact that everyone in the natural hair community is reviewing it is no real surprise.

To be honest, I have not dropped the $13-$16 dollars worth of coint this gel requires for me to remove it from the shelf so I still do not have a personal opinion about it or how it works on my hair.

This post is simply designed to help make some sense of the reviews I have seen.

The opinions are mixed and kind of confusing —you all like the results in some cases but hate the application in most cases! It makes your hair super hard but the crunch is easy to remove! Its trash but ya’ll would buy it again!

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Ok sis so what’s the real tea!

Avoid a full on wash and go if you have fine strands

I have been using gels for years so I can kind of tell when something is great for my fine strands or just an absolute no no!

The common opinion is that the gel is super duper thick and it will harden your strands especially if you shingle your hair for a full on wash and go. If your hair is fine I would suggest using it more for super sleek looks. If you do choose to try it for hold on a wash and go be very careful with how you manipulate the strands because you will break your hair.

Do use for sleek looks and braids

I think the reviews have been consistent about it being great for sleek ponytails, sleek buns or the edges for neat puffs. I have also seen it used with braided styles to keep the edges sleek and neat.

You will need an amazing leave in

You will probably need a really great leave in under the gel so that you can keep the hair as soft as possible. This gel is strong so there is no real guarantee that having a great leave in is the key to a softer result.

The Sh*t is expensive
First of all, this is just me! I typically do not spend over a certain amount on a gel, I just don’t! So $16 for me is way too much. I do know women who do not mind spending money on great products though so feel free to share your preference below.

The edge control is better
Most of the girls reviewing the gel agreed that the edge control was the truth or using the gel as an edge control is a much better option. Note: If you have super thick 4C hair that needs edge control for the edges, do not even waste your time with the gel, stick with the edge control!

Some of the videos I watched

Sleek ponytails

Have you tried the Style Factor gel yet? Comment below and let me know your results!


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