Solange’s Album A Seat At The Table Is A Musical And Digital Masterpiece


I waited until I was able to listen to Solange’s album before mentioning anything about it on the blog and boy am I glad I did. I have already listened to is 3 times since last night and I am in love with everything about it.

Like her sister but in a very different “Solange” kind of way she takes you on a journey of peace and pure womanly blackness. Even the people she tapped to do on the album with her fit the aesthetic perfectly, so you did not have lil Wayne just jumping on a track just saying anything to sell the song.

She has features from her mom and dad, Kelly Rowland, Tweet, The Dream and a few more who help to round out the album and the interludes are just as captivating as the music which makes the entire album an absolute masterpiece.

Along with the album Solo also released a 112 page digital book that was shot by Carlota Guerrero who also shot the album’s cover photo.

See some of the photos here:





A seat At The Table, is definitely worth all the buzz it is getting!


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