This Somali Twitter User Just Broke Down Some Of The African Influences In Black Panther And Its Amazing!


The latest statistics indicate that the Black Panther movie brought in a cool $192 million in box office sales and many of us very excited about just how impactful it was to see ourselves represented as superheros in such a phenomenal way.

Not only has it brought cosplay front and center in our community the movie also gave us a really great lesson on cultural practices and history to the point where we have been having day long conversations about all the different influences we were able to witness.

“The African culture highlighted in the movie is so rich that it makes me feel proud of being black. I totally love it,” said Liz Muthoni after a screening in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi. “I can watch it again and again.”

On Twitter a young Somali lady known as Waris went viral for breaking down all of the glorious African influences in the movie and I just had to share them with you all here.

Take a look at some of her tweets:

How cool was that!? What new cultural things have you learned from just watching the movie? Comment below!


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