Spring Is Here — Get Into A Dope Cut And Some Color


If you know me, I know what you are thinking, “Petra you never add color to your hair so what do you know?” Well here me out, as a lover of hair color and not necessarily a do-er, I get to see the trends vibrant colors are still quite the thing to do.

Dont beleive me? Check out these beauties:

Cottoncandy Swirl Salon Christol

Not only is the cut dope as hec, but the name given to the color is absolutely adorable. Cotton Candy Swirl by Salon Christol on Instagram is everything.

neon lights

Neon Lights on an icy bob isnt for the faint of heart, bit its the bomb!

pretty Rosy

Pretty Rosy pin curled to perfection is another Salon Christol creation and it is perfect.


@flyjane is here to let you know that blonde isnt going anywhere, all year round baby, all year round!


@rechic_styles calls this one a painting, I think I will stick with that, because if that isnt art, I do not know what it.

What colors would you try this Spring or are you just an admirer like me?



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