Her Story: Stylist Cocoamane Janel Sealy Smith


I love finding artists with a great story and this stylist is nothing short of an artist. I loved Janel’s story and when you press play I am sure you will too.

Watch below:

More styles:


coc 2

coco 1


A video posted by Janel Sealy Smith (@cocoamane) on

Then there was that time she styled Cardi B:

A video posted by Janel Sealy Smith (@cocoamane) on

Call 877-876-mane (6263) to make an appt | For bookings, bookJanel@cocoamane.com

IG – @cocoamane

Tell her I sent ya!


    • I am not sure Tamasha, the white stuff is defin. some sort of wrapping foam like this one –https://emilycottontop.com/product-category/hair-products/stylers/

  1. Hi! What’s the name of the shampoo you used? I seen a video that briefly showed it and even when I paused the video, I only seen something that looked like “SASS”, but I’m not sure if that’s it or what. Thanks! Great job on that beautiful outcome!!!!

    • I’ve actually seen it done on natural hair.. check out @cocoamane on Instagram and she has a video she just put up where the lady was natural!

    • Hi BJackson, thank you for checking us out and taking a minute to share your thoughts. If you haven’t done so already, please sign-up for our Newsletter and get the latest on Hair, Beauty and Culture 🙂


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