How To: Straight Hair Crochet Braids With Knotless Parts


I have only done a sewin one time in my life and even though I love seeing women with flawless weaves, I realised early on that weaves were not my thing for two reasons. For one I was just getting to know my natural hair and two, to this day I still have “access to my scalp anxiety”.

These days though with all the crochet techniques a girl has some additional options! When I saw this tutorial today I knew it was a game changer for me especially since it was crochet, I would have access to my scalp and the end result is absolutely gorgeous.

Watch Kiitana demonstrate How to do her straight hair crochet braids with knotless parts. She used The Outre Blowout Straight Dominican Blow Out Straight in 22 inches.

Check out the video:


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