Stunning! – 20 Curvy Girl Prom Looks You Just Have To See!


Ya’ll! Can we talk about this curvy girl prom photo series I came across on Facebook real quick? Here is the thing, I have been looking at prom photos all weekend long and most of them this year have been absolutely stunning!

I have seen everything from African themed looks to the traditional to some slightly risque but none of them moved me enough to share until I saw these. The photo series was shared by Sharon Chatmon a teacher from the Aldine Independent School District and they all had me like:

Image result for slay honey gif!

Here are 20 curvy girls that slayed their prom looks – Hair, makeup, dress, everything! –

Bonus – Miss Jazzmine shared her pic in the comment section on our page and she is too cute!

curvy prom dress

Listen! Y’all wasn’t ready!

Good job to the girls (I wish I had all of your names), the gentlemen that escorted them, and all the moms and dads that supported you all to this point! – #slayed


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