Stunning 2012 Photo Shoot Of Viola Davis And Octavia Spencer Resurfaces As We Celebrate Viola’s Golden Globes Win

February 2012

Last night June Ambrose posted a gorgeous picture of Viola Davis from a 2012 W Magazine shoot in honor of Viola’s Golden Globe win and I immediately reposted it to my Instagram.

Turns out the shoot was done in February of 2012 for W Magazine and it involved both Viola and Octavia Spencer a few months after they starred in the movie The Help.

Check out the view:

February 2012

A snip from that interview from back then:

“No matter what, people don’t think of me for glamorous parts. I’ll go to an audition or a meeting in a pretty dress, and they still think of me as depressed or embattled. Hopefully, that will change.”

four years later and it is starting to change just a smidge!

Beautiful Octavia

A snip from her interview

“I don’t know how to cook or bake or prepare anything in the kitchen, and my character, ­Minny, is a fantastic cook. That was the hardest part of playing her. I don’t know how to do anything other than get a plate from the cabinet and stick something in the microwave.”

Both women are so stunning and to see them finally win like they deserve to win is a joy to witness. What a time to be alive!


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