Stylist Does An Amazing Makeover On A Woman Who Has Lupus


There are some really talented people out there and I do not know if it is divine intervention or just shear luck but I am sure glad I get to find them.

Dwight Delano Malcolm is a stylist out of Atlanta and he often shows off his work on Facebook in groups and on his own page.

I literally saw his video of this young lady with lupus by chance and knew I had to ask him permission to share the makeover.

Without getting too detailed on some of the symptoms of lupus I will just say Lupus isn’t easy to deal with. In some severe cases you can lose your hair, it will cause skin discoloration and lesions on areas of the skin.

With that considered when a stylist takes the time to give his client a whole new look, and make her smile like this lady did, the story is worth telling.

Check out the view:

Her before:

Her after:




Absolutely beautiful! Good job Malcolm! You can find this stylist on Facebook here.



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