Stylist Feature: Dominique Evans Will Slay Your Hair With Her Razor Sharp Cuts


ATL Stylist Dominique Evans is out here slaying people’s lives with her scissors and quick weave techniques. Maaan listen if you want a dope protective style, I say get an angled bob and find a great stylist, preferably queen Dom to get your cut done.

I first saw Dominique on Instagram and her IG handle is @hairartbydominique so go show her some love after you take a look at these creations:



@hairbydominique 2

@hairbydominique 3

@hairbydominique 4

@hairbydominique 5


If you are in Atlanta and want the hook up, here are some details:
Dominique Evans Location: Atlanta,GA ; Traveling hairstylist/instructor email: to book To make an appt click — >


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