Super Model Ebonee Davis Dishes On Why She Decided To Embrace Her Natural Hair Completly

Ebonee Davis
Ebonee Davis

I have written quite a few articles about models who have decided to ditch the fake hair or chemically straightened hair for their natural hair. This has been quite the thing as these women in fashion and on the run way are trying to lead the charge where diversity is concerned.

You might know Ebonee Davis from America’s next Top model, Sports Illustrated and Teen Vogue. There is no shortage of work for this young lady so why did she decide in the middle of a million opportunities to stop processing her locks?

Here is her story in her own words:


Ebonee Davis“I got a Keratin treatment last year. My last one was April, 2015. I only got two, about 6 weeks apart. It was fine the first time and for the grow out — but then my hair started getting thin and damaged.

I was working out more, so I was sweating. And when I would sweat my hair would be dead — puffy, wavy, and I’d have to go over it with heat again.

I knew if I wanted to work out, I’d have to put more heat on my hair. For me, working out is more important than trying to maintain a hairstyle that my hair doesn’t naturally fall into.

So I decided with that in mind and the condition of my hair deteriorating that it was the right choice for me. And it happened to be at a time when curly hair and natural hair were becoming more accepted in the industry, or in beauty nationwide.

It was a combination of things that happened at the right time that came together and helped me make that decision . . .


I’ve had a really great response — like, I’ve booked more stuff with my hair curly and natural. Well, maybe I won’t say ‘more’ but clients have opened the door to work with curly and natural hair, and some of my previous clients have allowed me to make the transition as well without complaint — and with encouragement, actually. . .

It was a really great decision for me. And it took me a while to bolster the support of some people working my agency because they had known me for three years while I’d been wearing my hair in a particular style — straight with extensions or straight with clip ins — so they were used to seeing and marketing me a certain way.

ebonee davis

So making the decision and gaining their support, I had to be very sure and consistent and push forward . . .

I really just love being in front of the camera and taking on whatever type of character I feel like taking on in that moment. For me, modeling is like my form of meditation. When I’m in front of the camera, I don’t really think about anything. I just feel what I’m doing and try to embody whatever emotion I’m trying to portray. It feels really great to me. I just love it.


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