“Swim Thick” – This Swimwear Collection Is Deigned For The Fashion Forward Curvy Girl


The Curvy Fashionista will always put us on game when it comes to fashion-forward clothing and swimwear designed for the curvy girl and recently she shared a cute swimwear collection on her blog that peaked my interest.

When I saw the pictures of the pieces from this black-owned curvy fashion company I just knew I had to share their latest collection with you all. They are calling it “Swim Thick” and the suits are super cute and reasonably priced. Check out some of the pieces:
curvy girl

curvy girl

curvy girl

curvy girl

curvy girl

The suits are made to ensure that the full figured woman is confident at all times. This was what the had on the website:

The Diva Kurves Collection is designed for the full figured woman, who loves fashion, looking good and showing off her confidence. These women want to look, and feel great, no matter what the occasion is. When wearing a customized design from the Diva Kurves Collection, the goal is to walk into any room and OWN it!

The Diva Kurves Collection consists of high quality and durable clothing, mixing chic with fierce. The Diva Kurves brand is designed by the owner, Francie Maupin, who is not only a plus size model but a custom designer dedicated to delivering styles that are sexy at every curve.

I love them, what do you all think? (Check them out here.)


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