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I was so sad when I saw this news today because I love "Being MaryJane!" The storytelling was awesome and not to mention how relatable the show was to so many women. Despite that, the show has seemed to run its course and I am sure there might be a...
Gabriel Union
Gabriel Union is a new author and in her book set to be released later this month, she shared her struggles with getting pregnant. In an exclusive excerpt with PEOPLE magazine the MaryJane actress revealed that she has had 8 or 9 miscarriages, read below: In her new book "We’re...
Gabrielle Union on Nate Parker
In a very poignant post with the LA. Times Gabriel Union wrote about her struggle to reconcile playing the role of a woman who was raped in the new movie "Birth of a Nation", remembering her own rape 24 years ago and facing director and lead actor Nate Parker...

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