Taraji P Henson’s Stylist Dishes On Why She Decided To Big Chop

Taraj P Henson

Taraji stopped perming her hair years ago and in very rare Instagram photo’s she has shown the world that her natural hair was actually quite long. Remember this photo?

That picture was early last year but this year Taraji debut a new super short cut and in an exclusive with Refinery29 her long time stylist Tym Wallace, dished on why.

Via Refinery: A deep auburn curly crop, buzzed super-short in the back. Was her big chop the real deal, or another one of her fabulous pieces? “Absolutely, it’s real!” Henson’s longtime stylist Tym Wallace exclusively confirms to Refinery29. “No wig at all.”

The cut happened last month after the actress wrapped her movie Proud Mary. “She was just like, ‘I want to cut my hair,'” explains Wallace. “She already had an undercut, and it was growing in. She was loving how her curls looked, and was like, ‘If we’re gonna cut it, we’re gonna cut it all.’ She’s like, ‘I trust you.'”

And while most people would be hesitant to lose their length, Henson (who’s natural) approached the chop like the badass that she is. “She fell in love. She felt so free and liberated,” he says. “Two or three days later, we went ahead and colored it.” Since she snapped that selfie, Henson’s gone even shorter and changed her color, too… but there’s no telling when we’ll see that. “We’ll debut it at the right time,” Wallace teases. “That won’t be for a while.”

The selfie he is referring to is below:

Wallace also made note that even though Taraji has very thick and long natural hair her ends were very fragile and blow-drying literally fried her texture.

He said that the new cut is helping to revive her curl pattern and restore her hair to a healthy state after coloring and heat damage.

“It’s great to see a woman of her stature embrace her hair, and [cut] it so short,” he says. “There’s a difference between wearing a natural textured wig or weave, and actually wearing your natural hair. She’s showing that she’s all for the Black girl magic — showing these young Black girls that you are not defined by what society paints as beautiful when it comes to a Black woman and her hair. That was the main force for me.”

Wallace also gave some words of encouragement to women who are thinking about getting the big chop but hesitant or one reason or another.

“It’s hair! It will grow back. It’s not the end of the world,” he says. “Go for it. I tell women this all the time, especially Black women. It will grow so much better and faster when it’s in its natural state. And if you don’t like the growing-out process, that’s what you have wigs for. Invest in a good one.”

That’s what Henson’s doing, at least. “Trust and believe, we will definitely be throwing wigs on with this,” he says. “Some looks will require a different feel. But right now, we’re gonna rock this out.” 

I think Taraji’s cut is so cute, what do you think?


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