“Who Are You To Tell Someone Where They Come From?” – Justine Skye Explains Why She Identifies As Jamaican


Justine Skye was born in Brooklyn but she identifies as Jamaican and a few days ago she put up a post of herself chilling with her family which served to address some of the people who took offense to ‘what’ she identifies as.

Heritage, culture and race will always be hot topics for many of us especially in these times. With that said people can get hot and bothered when these issues arise.

This is what Justine had to say:
Justine Skye

I noticed some people getting upset that I say I’m Jamaican although I was born in America.. I don’t need to prove myself to anyone.. but I’ve grown up all my life, coming to Jamaica multiple times a year, visiting my Jamaican family with my Jamaican parents and grandparents, in a Jamaican house hold.

that’s the problem, everyone is so busy trying to tell everyone else who they are.. when they don’t even know what they’re talking about let alone know themselves.
Hispanic kids not born in DR or PR aren’t Dominican or Puerto Rican? Asian kids born in America aren’t Chinese, Korean, Japanese, etc?

America is a melting pot, filled with people of all colors, shapes and sizes from different places in the world. different cultures.. who are you to tell someone where they come from?

To some extent I agree with Justine because I have family members who are just like her, they were born in the states but identify as Jamaican because that’s how our family was raised.

There is an automatic love for the culture despite what our citizenship is because that’s all you really know. America is a melting pot of cultures but there is a clearly an American culture that one can identify with if they choose to.
justine skye 2

Where you are from isn’t necessarily where you are born, where you are from can also be based on how you were raised and where you were raised. It really isn’t a big deal the great thing about it is, it keeps things interesting!

Critics also said that Justine should give credit where credit is due, her music and career got popular here and not in Jamaica. Point taken, however America has a duty to give credit where credit is due too, let’s not pretend like Hip Hop wasn’t influenced by Jamaica, Jamaican culture and a Jamaican man.

The point is we all get a little bit of something to make us who we feel we are and nobody can define you, only you can define you!


  1. I find it crazy how in America you guys are being criticised for not saying your American. In England we know we were born here but whether or not both me and my parents were both born in Britain I still identify myself as Nigerian, in england it is quite the opposite in the sense of if you say I’m from England you will get sideways looks and questions of no but where are you really from , even as a white person you’d say Welsh or Scottish or Irish or European country etc


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