Teyana Taylor Talks Fitness And Self-Awareness With Self Magazine

Teyana Taylor

If you have watched Teyana for years before the Fade video then you know how cool it is to see her win and be recognized for her talents.

Teyana Taylor has been in this industry for years and has been dancing forever! In her latest editorial piece with Self magazine, she talks about being self-aware and letting go of fear which she attributes to her daughter Junie.

She also stresses that she wants everyone to stop judging each other and themselves.

Read below from Self:

Taylor says that stress causes her to lose weight quickly and that she deals with some insecurities about her body like any other person—especially after having a baby. “My favorite part [of my body] used to be my breasts, but now my breasts belong to Junie,” she says.

“She probably sucked out every ounce of milk… I had to pump because she didn’t want to work for the milk…so now I just deal with little mommy insecurities. Whenever I look super busty, ladies, that ain’t nothing but a little double-sided tape [and a] push-up bra. We all have flaws… you gotta embrace it.”

And Taylor has totally embraced the way her body has changed since becoming a mom. She went into labor early and gave birth to her daughter at home in December 2015. In an Instagram post about the birth, Taylor wrote that she didn’t know she was in labor until she felt the baby’s head.

After two 10-count pushes, Taylor delivered the couple’s daughter into Shumpert’s bare hands—and he tied the baby’s umbilical cord with a pair of red headphones. Fade premiered when Junie was just a few months old, and Taylor says that seeing what her body could do so soon after childbirth was a great experience.

“You’re gonna have a little sag down there, and there’s nothing wrong with a little sag. I think today, we forget what real beauty is…I appreciate it because this sag is from me birthing and feeding my child, my seed that is a part of me. I appreciate every stretch mark, every sag. One boob is bigger than the other…but it is what it is. I love my body and I love the place that I’m in. And I think dance and happiness and movement and family and love is what makes me love my body.”

She cautions everyone to stop judging other people and comparing themselves unfavorably to others. She’s also tired of negative comments people have made about her body, trying to “bring [her] down.”

Check out her editorial video:

Read the entire piece here

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