The #dmxchallenge Is Ultimate Celebration Of Just How Diverse We Are With Our Style


If you are trying to figure out who the genius is behind the #DMXchallenge is you do not have to look much further! About a month ago @sosheargenious one of my all time favorite stylists dropped a dope video that she used to promote her Shear Genius Product Collection and the video went viral back then.

Fast forward to today the #dmxchallenge is now the number 1 trending challenge on Twitter and shows no signs of slowing down.

Watch the original video below:

Women everywhere are joining in with videos of themselves rocking different styles showing just how diverse we are when it comes to our personal style. Here are some of my favorites, starting with my girl Robyn aka @curldaze.

Then there is this one:

and this one:


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#dmxchallenge ??‍♀️

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#dmxchallenge ?❤️ I wanted to join in on the fun .

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then there is this one:

And finally Chizi:

This challenge is so much fun! Gotta give props to DMX for a classic song and verse!


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