The Financial Leadership Center

We are excited to announce that we have partnered long term with the Financial Leadership Center to provide exclusive financial education to our readers who are currently in business or aspiring entrepreneurs.

We have created an Academy section on our website which will make it easier for you to participate in all that our team and FLC has to offer. And ya’ll its ALOT!

What is the Financial Leadership Center

The Financial Leadership Center is where the professionals of education of finance come to you. they travel from state to state and city to city during the spring and fall semester to spread the knowledge of financial literacy.

The FLC curriculum is called “Knowledge to Mastering Finance” which includes top four key fundamentals: Strategic Planning, Asset Building, Wealth Management and Generational Wealth , 17 intense courses within two days while providing financial solutions and real estate strategies that a lot of people struggle with today.

Being a new member of FLC, an elite financial organization which encourage questions, engagement, and participation with revealing financial secrets, financial goal setting and guidance.

All members receive updates on FLC educational books which are full of tools and techniques used by some of the wealthiest people in the world. As a member of FLC, you’ll have access to all learning tools, our affiliated speakers programs, private group chats, free workshops, events, investing opportunities, how to videos and more.

They lead educational bootcamps and workshops that is focus on how to manage finance and assets nationwide.

The Workshops We Support

Beauty in Finance is a workshop that allows makeup-artist, fashion stylist & designers, hair stylist, nail technicians, models and everyone in the beauty industry to learn how to finesse and manage their finance. Creating action plans, building your foundation and outline your goals. By the end of this workshop you would have a solid game plan and creative ideas to make more money.

Business Finance Growth 101 was created to teach self-employed, small businesses and specialists how to manage, maintain and have a better relationship with money. You will find out when it’s a good time to start paying yourself, raise your products or services prices and how to maintain cash flow and more.

Generation Z ages between 10 – 24.

Most Gen Z-ers are concerned about financial literacy but at the same time, 84% rely on parents and family for financial information. This is challenging considering that many parents grew up with different financial information, less sophisticated options relating to savings, retirement, mortgage, and loans, and often don’t fully understand the options themselves. Which is why this workshop is very important.

They will learn how to open a savings and checking account, write a check, learn the difference between asset vs liability, how to flip and grow money, identifying their passion and goals, raising their financial intelligence, how to pay for college, Why credit is important and more.

The Millenial Hustle was created to help millennials understand money structure. After seeing two recessions in their young lives, they don’t expect to retire with a gold watch for 30 years of service to one company.

Instead, they’re embracing the side hustle. They’re creating their own income revenue stream from the ground up.

Some are busy selling jewelry, creating a tutoring business or freelancing on the weekends. Others are building their personal brand through blogs, networking events, social media and more. Now it’s time for them understand money structure.

Enhancing Your Personal Financial IQ Workshop was created to help people change the way they think about money and understand that money is a tool, not a result. Financial Leadership Center teaches participants to focus on prosperity and not on debt.

Classes are held in Dallas, Chicago, Atlanta, Brooklyn and Houston! Click the “Learn more button” to get all the details you need!

2020 Spring Semester Coming Soon!

March – May

This partnership is absolutely amazing ya’ll I cannot wait to introduce the content we have planned and play our roll in educating the community about finance and money.