Some of you might know the infamous quote “familiarity breeds contempt” and while that might be true there is a positive side to familiarity. As a matter of fact in most instances when we are in familiar places or thinking back to familiar times the experience can be comforting and a major source of content. I do not know about you but I love looking at pictures from the past that I can identify with. They are nostalgic and they give us the opportunity to think back to times we may not have thought about in awhile. Additionally, they are just a huge reminder that time doesn’t stop and even though it seems as if the past keeps evading us some things never change! The Hair Appointment photo series embodies all of that.

The project is directed by Jeremy Rodney Hall along with Jose Fadamu and the pictures were taken by Jeremy. The series tells a story about ‘us’ black women, and our relationship with our hair from the days we sat between our mother’s laps until the days we gave ourselves full freedom to explore every aspect of what our hair can do.

Check out some of the photos below:

Jose Fadamu:


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“The Hair Appointment” filmed in @soofLight 🎞📈 — very soon!

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“My goal involves developing stories that resonate with everyone in one way or another. ‘The Hair Appointment’ allowed us to display an idea that triggers a nostalgic feeling within. Moments that we’ve all seen before in and around our homes, neighbourhoods, barbershops, hair salons, and even movies.” Please check out the full photo series here.


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