The “In The Doll World” Podcast Is Hosting A Black Doll Celebration For Black History Month


Georgette Taylor of Georgia and Tammy Fisher of New Mexico own and operate an amazing podcast and youtube channel called “In The Doll World”. Part of their mission is to bring awareness to doll collectors, doll enthusiasts, and parents about the abundance of black dolls being made and sold all over the world.

Read their press release below:

Albuquerque, NM: In The Doll World (ITDW), a podcast/YouTube channel, will celebrate February, Black History Month, by hosting the Annual World of Black Doll Celebration (AWOBDC).

The purpose of the celebration is to increase the awareness of the number of Black dolls available worldwide.

The celebration includes interviews with Black doll creators and collectors from around the world; an introduction to a new virtual Black doll museum; and international doll giveaways. ITDW is hosted by two Black women, Georgette Taylor of Georgia and Tammy Fisher of New Mexico.

Initially, Fisher and Taylor were going to celebrate Black History Month by sharing interviews with Black doll creators. Then, Fisher found herself in several conversations where people misunderstood the
diversity of today’s Black dolls.

These conversations led to the women expanding the scope of their celebration to include an event where they invited doll creators and lovers from around the world to share videos and stories about their Black dolls.

“Honestly, I’m baffled by the stereotypes associated with Black dolls, like: no one wants them, there aren’t enough of them, and those that exist look like white dolls that have been painted brown!” said Fisher. “These stereotypes do not reflect the majority of current Black dolls.”

Both Fisher and Taylor said if the only dolls you see are those on the shelves in your local stores, you are seeing a “tiny fraction” of available dolls.

“Manufacturing a doll can be as expensive as purchasing a house,” said Taylor, who made history as the co-creator of the first line of plus-sized fashion dolls, Big Beautiful Dolls.

“Then, you have to pay thousands more to have your dolls sold in stores. So, most of the dolls that are made—regardless of color—never make it to local stores.”

Fisher and Taylor also said they are excited to introduce audiences to Debbie Behan Garrett’s
DeeBeeGee’s Virtual Black Doll Museum(TM).

“Debbie is one of the world’s leading Black doll experts,” said Fisher. “She has chosen a great time to open a museum. Most physical museums are closed, so
virtual museums are essential.”

In addition, Fisher and Taylor are honored to collaborate with doll creators to give away Black dolls. Confirmed creators include Stacey McBride-Irby, Dr. Lisa, and Dr. Linda Beed from the US; Taofick Okoya from Nigeria; Doreen Lawrence from Britain; and Jozef Szekeres from Australia.

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In The Doll World (ITDW) was launched in April 2020, and is the first podcast/YouTube channel to share intimate interviews of doll professionals.

One of ITDW’s goals is to increase diversity in the doll world. The hosts have interviewed people with connections to 20+ countries and the show has been downloaded in 40+ countries.

ITDW was named “Top Doll Podcast on the Web” by Feedspot; endorsed by Pat Henry’s legendary doll magazine, Fashion Doll Quarterly; recommended by Goodpods; and shared via the Black Doll Collecting Blog.



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