The Natural Hair Community Tries The New Eco Styler Gold Gel And The Results Are Pretty Much The Same

Eco styler Gold Gel

Ya’ll The Eco Styler brand are masters at “branding”, promotion and capitalizing on our need to have defined shiny bouncy curls. The Eco Styler Gold Gel is literally gold in color and its $18….. bruh!

Ok to be fair that price is only found online because I think you find can find it for less than half of that at the beauty supply store.

Personally after years of doing wash and go’s and using all kinds of gels I am pretty much in tune with what works for my hair and I really do not get excited over new ‘vanity’ based hair products.

With that said I have not tried the gel myself but I felt obligated to see what the community thought about it because as you have told me, reviews are always interesting and pretty much how you make your decision to purchase a new product. When I watched some of the videos, I noticed that apart from some slight differentiations (based on hair type and that person’s individual process) most of the opinions are the same.

On a functional level, the gel gave great hold and most people said they saw no white flakes especially if they used the product by itself. Others noticed somewhat elongated curls, others had shrinkage. Most reviews said the product made their hair feel very soft and not crunchy.

Here is the real tea! – Depending on your hair type the way your hair looks with gel applied will be very different from the woman you happen to be watching on Youtube or your bestie that told you she tried it. Gels are literally designed to hold your hair down, reduce frizz and enhance the curl pattern you already have. They will not give you anything extra or anything less regardless of what they say is in it — this gel is no different!

What do gels have in them

The main ingredient for most gels will be water, they also include polymers, emulsifiers, thickening agents, preservatives and of course fragrance! News on the street is that the Eco Gold smells great!

The polymers are what will give you the ‘excellent hold” many women refer to. Depending on the combination of polymers in your gel you might experience white flakes, a soft hold or a hard hold. Polymers also react to your environment, so during the course of the day, you might notice flaking or you might notice shine loss and your hair might start to look dull depending on the combinations in the product.

At the end of the day, most gels including this Gold one, will have the same main ingredients and some extra ones (Castor oil, flaxseed etc) that may on the surface seem pretty attractive.

My advice is if you are curious about the Eco Styler Gold Gel, Try it! But do your research to find the best price before committing to expensive price tags!

Here are some of the reviews I watched:

Kimberly Cherrell


If you have already tried the Eco Styler Gold Gel, comment below and let me know what you think. More of the same? Or absolutely lit?


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