Doing a night time retwist is like the lottery sometimes. It can be super defined and moisturized and other times you’ve unraveled your hair too early and it’s too late to save those twists.

Finding the perfect product can be even harder to define, moisture, and add shine to your natural hair.

product for night time retwist

Design Essentials Overnight Recovery Treatment is the Holy Grail for all night time retwists! Its lightweight formula enhanced with natural avocado and almond are perfect for your nighttime routine.

The almond nourishes the hair and adds luster, while the avocado strengthens the hair shaft to prevent breakage and deeply moisturizes your hair.

Design Essentials Overnight Recovery provides many benefits. Its lightweight formula does not leave residue on your pillows at night, your hair is left soft, shiny, and moisturized, and it is free of parabens, phthalates, and gluten.

It works for all hair types, ranging from type 2 hair to type 4c hair. It has been used for the perfect twist out, perm rod set, and braid out. Follow the steps below to achieve the perfect twist-out.

Night Time Retwist Options

•Single-Stranded Twists

How to do:
Single strand twists are also known as finger curls. It is created by taking a single strand of your hair and twirling it in the direction of your natural curl forms to form a perfect coil. It requires a lot more product and is the most time-consuming type of twist out.

How to Untwist:
Grab your favorite oil and gently break each coil into smaller parts. Retwist in the direction of the curl once you’ve separated it into smaller parts until you achieve your desired look. The final result will be perfect small ringlets.

•Two-Strand Twists
How to do:
Two-strand twists are the most common type of twist out. To achieve a two-strand twist grab a small section of your hair into two parts. The size of the parts is determined by how large or small you would like your curls to be.

Stretch out the small sections and begin to twist the two strands till you reach the end of your hair. Take some product to seal the ends of your hair and finger coil or add a perm rod to twirl it.

How to Untwist:
Grab your favorite oil and gently untwist the two strands starting from the ends to the top. You can further separate your twists to fluff it out into smaller parts. The final result will create a zig-zag pattern of curls throughout your head and use a hair pick to increase volume.

•Flat Twists
How to do:
Flat twists are twisted flat to the scalp, similar to cornrows.

To begin section your hair into rows and begin twisting from your scalp and collecting more hair as you twist down to the ends.

You can also finger coil the ends or use a perm rod to twist the ends.

How to Untwist:
Grab your favorite oil and start untwisting from the ends to the root. It is the same as untwisting a two-strand twist. The final look will be a stretched out, curly look.

Steps to the Perfect Twist Out

1. Step One: Shampoo and Condition
Start with clean, product-free hair. I recommend using Design Essentials Natural Almond & Avocado Moisturizing & Detangling Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Design Essentials Natural Almond & Avocado Wash Day Deep Moisture Masque to remove unwanted impurities, condition, and moisturize hair.

2. Step Two: Hydration.
Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate! Have your favorite spray bottle handy to keep your hair hydrated while working on your whole head. Damp hair is the best and easiest way to manipulate your hair.

3. Step Three: Moisturizing
Section your hair into four even parts. Using Design Essentials Overnight Recovery applies evenly to each section and paying close attention to your ends. Detangle your hair from ends to root to thoroughly distribute the product.

4. Step Five: Twisting
Once you’ve cleansed, hydrated, and moisturized your hair it’s time to twist your hair. Section your hair into two parts to twist, depending on how large and small you’d like your twists.

If needed, apply a dab of Design Essentials Overnight Recovery to each small section, brush through with a Denman or Wet brush, and begin to twist. You can choose from single-stranded twists, two-strand twists, and flat twists to achieve your desired twist out.

5. Step Five: Drying
Allow your twists to dry completely. If they are untwisted too early your twist out will need to be redone and they cannot be too wet or your twists will never completely dry.

Wrap your hair with a satin bonnet or wrap and allow your hair to set and dry overnight. You can use a hooded dryer as well to speed up the drying process.

6. Step Six: Time to Untwist!
Grab your favorite oil like olive oil, coconut oil, or avocado oil to smooth your hair while untwisting. Apply a small amount to your fingertips and begin to unravel your twists.

7. Step Seven: Show off your twist out
Style your twist out as desired and fluff it out, if you want a voluminous look. Now admire your perfect twist out.

What is your night time retwist process like? Comment below!

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