The #blackhairchallenge Is The Best Thing On Twitter Right Now


After a week of stories of different women and children being chastised for their hair the #blackhairchallenge on Twitter is a welcomed break.

The #blackhairchallenge is taking over social media feeds as women send an empowering message about the beauty and versatility of #blackhair. The hashtag was started by Twitter user @melaninmamis who encouraged people of color to share photos of themselves rocking various hairstyles.

Women and men are participating showing off all sorts of styles including, natural hair, braids, locs, color, buns, twist outs and every style you can think of.

Check out some of the entries so far:

This challenge literally made my day and it makes a pretty poignant point about diversity, acceptance, and inclusion! Head over to Twitter and make sure that you participate in the #blackhairchallenge right now!


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