The #DateChallenge On Twitter Has Women Out Here Shooting Their Shot And Sharing The Results


Have you seen the #datechallenge hashtag on Twitter yet? Not only is the challenge entertaining but it literally has women stepping out of their comfort zones and asking their crushes on dates. The challenge was created by Blogger Oloni who has been mentioned on most of the tweets.

The challenge is kind of weird because while it is everything an introvert like myself wants nothing to do with, I couldnt help but admire it at the same time. Not all the women who shot their shot got a shot but they posted the results reguardless of if the guy said yes or curved! Read some below:

This dude tried to curve, but then came back and lost out on Sonya:

This one was hilarious!


This guy called it an Oloni thing, but he still agreed:

This dude seemed as if he probably caught feelings and trying to teach lessons at the same time.


He said, right now!

I am going to end it on that note, feel free to head over to twitter to check out all the funny results, in the meantime, this is pretty much my mood:

Would you join #thedatechallenge? Comment and let me know!


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