There Is Just Something About This Youse Al Jasmi Dress


Now be honest, would you wear this dress? At first glance for me personally it would have been a no but seeing it this weekend all over social media, I must admit I have completely changed my mind.

Beyonce wore this Yousef Al Jasmi dress this weekend to the Tyler Perry Studio Grand opening and of course because we have seen it before, people started to make comparisons. There are at least four separate women in addition to Beyonce who have worn Yousef Aljasmi on different occasions and every single instance was beautiful.

This is the dress:

Keke rocked it as well:

Kelly Killed it too:

Then Cardi did it in red:

And finally Jasmine Sanders

The natural thing to ask is of course – ‘who wore it better?’ but they all look great so no need to ask! – The red kinda fly though!


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