These 8 Black-Owned Products Will Zen Up Your Bathroom In No Time


Who doesn’t love a rejuvenating day at the spa? In fact, a stress-wrangling massage or life-changing facial would be welcome right now.

However, for the millions of people who’d love to have spa days on regular rotation but can’t pencil them into their hectic schedules, there’s still a way to enjoy the spa treatment without having to call in for a booking. Enter – your bathroom.

Yes, I know. Well, with a few well-placed Black-owned products, your haven of peace and comfort can start feeling like a pampering escape all on its own.

So, whether you’re strapped for cash and need the ultimate rejuvenating session or are just craving some self-care, here are the best Black-owned wellness products (that cost less than a facial) to help turn your bathroom into a happiness-inducing spa.

Nne-Vents by Nneka O’s Custom Bouquet


Yes, this might not be the most obvious place for your lilies, tulips, or roses, but the bathroom provides a perfect environment for specific blooms, thanks to the high humidity levels.

Plus, when the petals start wilting, you can add them to your bath or foot soak to add a touch of luxury.

And, if you’re mystical and love taking a walk in the woo-woo park, select a bouquet based on what you want to invoke into your life according to the languages of flowers.

KNC Beauty 5-Pack Collagen-Infused Lip Mask, $25

Photo credit: KNCBeauty

Pucker up, queen, because this buy from KNC Beauty is about to give you that pout you’ve been craving. You might even have to cancel your lip filler appointment after using it regularly. Just saying.

Infused with natural, moisturizing plant extracts, this lip mask will passionately protect you from harsh elements like your boyfriend’s 2-day patchy stubble. The collagen and vitamin E plump and hydrate your lips, stat – I’m talking in less than five minutes y’all!

And, since it leaves your lips smoother, it makes for the perfect priming mask to use before applying your lipstick, especially sexy matte formulas. Is this the ideal lip BFF or what?

Akilah’s Essentials Shower Steamer Bundle Pack, $17

Just dipping your toes into the aromatherapy world and not sure what products to shop? This budget-friendly pick should be at the top of your list.

The pack comes with various essentials that help you hit pause even on the most hectic days. It also enables you to create that spa-like atmosphere in less than two minutes when you don’t have time for a full bath.

It might not be as soul-soothing as your grandma’s Gumbo, but it’s worth adding to your ‘I need a life break’ protocol.

Brigeo Scalp Revival, Stimulating Therapy Massager, $18

Photo credit: Brigeo

Looking to indulge your scalp and senses during pamper time? Get yourself this Brigeo Scalp miracle worker. Safe for all hair types – including chemically treated and the tightly coiled type – this nifty, easy-to-grip massager boosts scalp circulation and overall hair growth by stimulating it from the roots.

Use it alone or alongside a nourishing oil.

Salt.XO Yoni Shower Gel, $20

Photo credit: SALT.XO

If you’re willing to throw down for a shower gel – this Salt.XO shower elixir is a perfect pick. Loaded with botanical-based extracts like aloe, cucumber, and seaweed combined with potent antibacterial oils like tea tree, this gel keeps you fresh, clean, hydrated, and balanced.

It’s safe to use if you struggle with eczema or dehydrated skin, and it is also gentle for kids. Stash a bottle in your bathroom and let the whole fam go to town!

Buena Botanicals Bath Bomb, $14

Photo credit: Buena Botanicals

Feeling overwhelmed? Take a breather with Buena Botanicals’ bath bombs. Infused with organic full-spectrum CBD and earth-sourced, mood-boosting scents like bergamot, ylang-ylang, and lime, these bath bombs deliver hydration and a perfect dose of calming aromatherapy.

Top tip: Allow yourself 30 minutes to soak up all the benefits of CBD and essential oils for optimal results.

Rebourne Amber and Coconut Candle, $22

Photo credit: Rebourne

There’s nothing like a yummy-smelling candle to turn your bathroom into a luxe spa. Coconut gives you that beachy, relaxing vibe while amber just channels calming, exotic nights. When blended, these scents smell divine!

Psst…make a habit of lighting this sensual candle every day and see how your mood changes.

Soap Distillery Rosé Body Scrub, $23

Photo credit: Soap Distillery

You’ll get plenty of bang for your buck with this body scrub. It’s not only an incredible exfoliator (goodbye dry, chapped hands), but it also gives off that crisp, cool glass of wine vibes.

An abundance of shea butter and top notes of grapefruit and lime also give your body that calming and body-soothing feeling, making it the perfect bathroom staple.


Now that you’re thrilled to spend more time in your haven, here are some Black-owned beauty products that deserve some real estate in it.


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