These Cruelty-Free Cosmetics Are Perfect


LaMonique Cosmetics is an affordable, health-conscious, cruelty-free brand that sells mineral-based cosmetics.

The founder and CEO, Monique Glover, is a firm advocate of producing and using healthy and cruelty-free cosmetics.

She uses her platform to spread awareness on the harmful side effects of toxic chemicals in personal care products and makeup.

Through LaMonique Cosmetics, she is showing her determination to only make mineral-based products and avoid harmful components in the manufacturing process like hormone disruptors, endocrine, harsh alcohols, and talc.

In turn, this ensures that the brand’s products guarantee its customers’ safety and wellbeing.

How did she achieve this, though?

Monique revealed that she uses natural pigments like iron oxide, zinc oxide, and titanium oxide in her products. In addition, she adds vitamins A, D, and E to make them more functional.

Since parabens have been linked to cancer and might cause reproductive problems, LaMonique Cosmetics is completely gluten-free and paraben-free.

This makes the products suitable for most people, especially for those who are experiencing the problems of Celiac Disease.

Furthermore, Monique’s products do not contain any silica or talc.

When put together, LaMonique Cosmetics’ products are among the healthiest available.

In fact, they are so successful and unique that Facebook featured the brand on its Facebook/Meta Business page for its #buyblack holiday program.

LaMonique Cosmetics

Monique understands that many consumers are worried about the world’s future.

So, to make Earth a safer place for everyone, consumer choices must be influenced by products’ effects on health and the environment.

Cosmetics are such products, because they are an essential part of people’s daily lives, yet there are concerns about their environmental and health impact.

In addition, a lot of people are forced to filter out products based on their allergies and intolerance to certain chemical constituents.

Many people’s skins are problematic, so they have to skim through hundreds, if not thousands, of products just to find something suitable that won’t harm them.

This is why Monique is so passionate.

She wants LaMonique Cosmetics to offer healthy, safe, and cruelty-free products.


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