These Dolls Created By Doll Designer Africarbi Are To Die For


Have you seen these dolls? Sandrine is a talented doll customizer and collector Known as @africarbie on Instagram.

You have to see these dolls:


Aren’t they gorgeous? The hair, the clothing, and the variety skin tones are 100% on the money!



  1. It’s about time that these beautiful dolls have come out.
    Very good job! On the details of the dolls.
    The little one’s even some collector’s will love these dolls!
    Can’t wait to see them in all the stores!
    My fiance love’s them ofcourse she is African!

  2. These dolls are beautiful!!! Her hands have truly been blessed!! I am always in search of dolls that my daughter can really identify with, and these are the best that I’ve seen thus far!!! How can I be notified once they go on sale?!?! (I am not a fan of social media)

  3. Hi. Please somebody help funds to set up business, warehouse and hired for color people to make your dolls. Please don’t lets it wait. Black people needs job. BE COORDINATE WITH ONE OTHERS. HELP BLACK GIRL MAGIC ROCK IN BUSINESS!! THIS IS AWESOME STARTING THE BUSINESS.


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