These Jamaican Hand Made Dolls On Etsy Are So Cute

Etsy Dolls

I cannot tell you how many messages we get on a weekly basis about black dolls so this post is right on time. We are always on the lookout for artisans who make authentic dolls that our little girls can play with.

Representation matters and doll makers especially black-owned ones know the importance of ensuring that they create toys that look like us.

The store is called Tyme Jamaican Gifts and so far they have only listed dolls with more items to come in the future.

Look at these Dolls:
Jamaican Black Dolls

The dolls above with the rouged dress is an ode to the famous Jamaican Poet Louise Bennett otherwise known as Miss Lou. 

These details:

An Ode to Kamala Harris:

Braided hair:

They also come in pink:


And in Orange and yellow:

More details:

There are even Dolls that look like Barbies that celebrate Kamala Harris:


If you are in the market for dolls, check out this Etsy shop, we do not think these will last at all!


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