These Kid Wigs Designed For Children Suffering From Hairloss Are Absolutely Stunning

Kids wigs

So I was scrolling through Instagram as usual and came across the hashtag #kidswigs that hosts some really cute wigs designed for children. Without thinking you might say, why would a child need a wig? The truth is alopecia and hair loss is as real for children as it is for adults so it isn’t a stretch that the market for kid wigs is starting to expand!

The styles I noticed on Instagram range from cornrows, to ponytails, to super simple half up half down wigs. The stylists are super creative using their skills to create looks that are kid friendly and that are comfortable to wear.

Check out this one by stylist @_bristylez_. Bri shared 0n her post that her kid’s wigs come in various styles and textures– and are super easy to wear.

And then there is this one by Bri as well:

I also noticed quite a few from the Instagram @wigdealer:

and this stunning unit:

I am absolutely in love with how creative the wigs are and how comfortable the children are in them. If you have a chance to take a look at the hashtag #kidswigs the next time you are on Instagram, let me know what you think!



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