This 10yr Old Scored A Million Dollar Deal With Whole Foods

Mikaila Ulmer

This 10-year old is the coolest little entrepreneur I have ever seen. She is so adorable and so darn smart there is literally #backgirlmagic written all over her.

Mikaila Ulmer is the creator of Bee Sweet Lemonade which is a healthy version to your typical lemonade that contains flax seed and of course honey!

Her grandma helped her with a portion of the recipe and she did what typical little entrepreneurs do when they first get started with lemonade, they open up a lemonade stand and for her the rest is history.

Check out this darling video:

I love her mission of saving the bees even though she had a bad experience with them when she was younger. We all need to be more conscious of how essential these creatures are to our daily living and if a 10 yr old can do her part I know we all can.

I do not know about you, but I am on my way to Whole Foods now! Good Job MiKaila!


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