This $16 Dollar Wig Might Match Your Blowout Texture Perfectly


Y’all! This wig I am about to introduce you to is kinda sorta cute! At least its cute on the below video!

My life is a hectic mess right now, its the first quarter of the year and the hustle is real! So with that said I am on the market for a cheap wig that I can throw on that also matches my blow out texture that I have been rocking lately.

Now to be fair, I have not been actively looking or making comparisons I was really hoping to just stumble on to the right style knowing that when I saw something I liked I would buy it.

Fast forward to this post…I think I might have found just the one.

This wig is from Elevate Styles and its called Sensationnel Instant Weave Curls Kinks & Co Wig Boss Lady.

The reviews are about 60/40 with around 60 to 65% of people absolutely loving it and about 40% saying it did not work for them or complaining about shipping.

This was the video I watched that had my curiosity on 10:

Looks great right? I ordered one so we will see how it works for me and I will definitely come back and update this post once I try mine on. Comment below and let me know if you have purchased any cheap wigs recently and how they worked out for you!


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