This 2020 Grad Is Going Viral Because Of Her Afro

Graduate with an afro

The class of 2020 has had quite the year so when we see a grad smiling and just showing out, we have to join them in the celebration.

Drezel Simmonds is an Entrepreneur and model that just graduated from the University of the West Indies (my Alma Mater) with a Bsc. in Economics, Banking, and Finance (Honors).

Not to take away from any other college or University but I went to UWI so I know exactly what the feeling is like to have finally graduated with a double major from that school.


With that said Drezel or Drezi as she is often called, decided that she was going to graduate in style with the biggest afro in life, and we stan.

Check out the post she shared on her Instagram:


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Her caption:
Bsc. Economics & Banking and Finance (Hons) ~double major.

The end of the first lap was a success. “Believe in all that you are, know that there is something inside you, greater than any obstacle.”

Throughout university, I faced a lot, and even developed major depression in my second year, but with God and my strength and determination, I was able to pull through.

It is far from what it seems to be in your eyes, even though I am a brilliant student; finances then was not easy, working, studying, and trying to live a normal but fun life was most certainly not easy. Degreed.

To all who played a role in my university life, keeping me grounded, helping me through depression, chipping in financially, and encouraging me directly or indirectly, you are never forgotten!

UWI alumni association THANK YOU for the scholarship in my last year! I said I wouldn’t let y’all down and I didn’t.

Get into this fro though:

Graduation Afro

afro grad

Drezel’s fro at graduation is a sign of how the times have changed. Not to show my age but “back in my day” there was not one afro in sight!

We didn’t even consider a fro to be a style option, so watching Drezel rock her’s proudly and seeing it celebrated all over social media is beautiful and historical in a way.

We are a far cry from the signature straight hair of the nineties!

Congratulations Drezi and congrats to the entire class of 2020.


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