This All Natural Hair Dye Claims To Jazz up Your Hair With No Damage


Ya’ll the Hair Pain Wax brand really has me intrigued! I have not seen a temporary dye that is quite as vibrant with claims of being ‘healthy’ for your hair before.

Let’s face it sometimes the same hairstyle or color day in an day out can get boring so it’s nice to have a little fun without causing a ton of damage.

According to the website, the Hair Wax is a temporary solution for those who want to try a new color weekly. They describe the product with the following:
>Easy coloring
>Easy washout
>7 colors to choose from
>Apply without harmful ingredients or chemicals

Speaking of the ingredients, the website claims that its made from all natural ingredients that are environmentally friendly and its great for most hair types.

water, carnauba wax,beeswax white,cetearyl alcohol,licorice & glycyrrhiza uralensis extract, tea extract, stearic acid, PVP/VA propionate copolymer, Castor oil, ethoxylaated, titanium oxide.

There are a ton of videos on youtube of women demonstrating how to use the wax but these are the ones I checked out just today.

This one:

And this one:

Comment below an let me know what color you would try and if you are interested in purchasing a color click here.


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