This Company Just Went Viral For Their Instant Edges

instant edges

Ever heard the term “fake it till you make it”? Well, this company just went viral for its “Instant Edges” and keeping the dream alive for women who like to well.. “fake it till they make it”.

Watch this video:

Girl, I cannot make this stuff up! Honestly, I think this is a genius invention and at the very least very interesting. The website promotes the product as “the perfect hairline in seconds!”

Instant Edges is the brainchild of Stephanie Lanier and according to the website, Instant Edges is a patent-pending product intended for people who suffer from hair loss throughout the “EDGES” of their hair.

This revolutionary product does not require the use of any glue or tape! Instant Edges are lightweight, breathable, and do not cause additional hair loss.

If you are in the process of restoring your natural hairline, Instant Edges will NOT damage the hair you already have!

Become more confident with these easy hair extensions and enjoy your Instant Edges hair care products.

As we all know good hair extensions are difficult to find, but rest assured that with Instant Edges you will have a guaranteed perfect hairline in seconds!

Instant Edges come in a variety of colors, purple, fire red, auburn, black cherry and honey blonde.

Watch Stephanie’s video below:

The description in the video:

Have you ever wanted a beauty hair product solution that allows you to transform the edges of your hair in seconds? Do you suffer from nonexistent edges, thinning hair, have bald spots, diagnosed with Alopecia, or undergone any type of medical treatment that has caused you to lose hair?

Meet Instant Edges, the world’s first all-inclusive peel-and-stick easy hairline extension to give you the perfect hairline in seconds! SLAYED EDGES BABY!

My name is Stephanie Lanier, the inventor, and CEO of Instant Edges Inc. Join me as I transform the ways in which women, children, and men of all ages can feel confident again with their chosen hairstyle of choice! No glue, No lace, No Tape… Just add water!

Instant Edges and future hair products produced under Instant Edges, Inc. will show what motivation, strong will-power, and natural beauty can do for you!

Check out some of the photos on her Instagram:

and this one:

And finally:

So what do you think, would you invest in Instant Edges? Follow them on Instagram here and on their website here.

If you want some tips on how to grow out your own edges, click here.



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