This Hair Stylist Teaches Adoptive Parents How To Care For Black Hair

White moms learn to care for black hair @styles4kidznfp.

I have had my share of questions from parents with children who are of mixed race as well as parents of adopted black children so I understand the need to help them be successful with regards to caring for their child’s (children’s) hair.

Tamekia Swint is a Chicago hair stylist who has committed to teaching transracial adoptive parents about how to compassionately treat their children’s hair. Her company is called Styles 4 Kidz and they provide hair care education and services to black children who are in foster care as well as parents who become adoptive parents and need help.

Watch her video below:

In the video she makes the point that some parents are not familiar with black hair and shared that she could find ways to empower them through her work

“They’re not familiar with the [black] hair,” she says. “I saw that this might be something where I can empower them.”

Tamekia has served over 500 families and will continue to do so as her personal mission!

Check out some of the tweets in response to her video:

Awesome job Tamekia, visit her website here.


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